Part3: Maths in 3 year old’s life


In the previous post, I talked about how the concepts of ‘big’ and ‘small’, ‘more’ and ‘less’ etc. In continuation of the Five part Series of Maths in 3 year old’s life, this time it will be about making them aware of different shapes and sizes.

After going through the ideas discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 , do you think, now it’s time to introduce numbers to your child? You can try, but let him play with shapes first. Ask him to collect all the round shaped things from his toys, kitchen, mama’s closet etc. Let him identify the things with “corners” and also the things without corners.

Introduce the words rectangle, circle etc. later similarly, box shaped things, ball shaped things or glass/pipe shaped things can be identified by the child. Let him trace these shapes on an old news paper/floor using a crayon or chalk.

The child can be given a tumbler, a plate or any other object for this activity. Through this type of activities, the child will be able to identify shapes as well as make grip on crayon/chalk. Let him scribble on slate or old newspapers instead of forcing him to hold a pencil and write.

Help the child to identify primary colours while he/she is using crayon s or playing with blocks or toys. These skills will help him to take interest in mathematics later.

To be continued …..