Part2: Maths in 3 year old’s Life


In the last post, I wrote about introducing ‘pre-number concepts’ to the child instead of directly making them familiar with the numbers. You can read the previous post here .

There is no need to make special arrangements to teach these concepts o the child. Make it a part of your daily life conversation. While the family is having dinner, you can talk to the child as follows, “Aaditya, take the smaller plate, give the bigger one to daddy,” “Would you like to drink milk in this smaller glass or that bigger one?”

While keeping the fruits/vegetables in refridgerator, you can say, “Which one is bigger? A tomato or an apple?” “Which one is smaller? A capcicum or a pumpkin?” “Let’s try to keep this watermelon in this small basket, Is it possible? Why?”

Many more situations are possible while you spend time with your child. Whether you are helping the child to take bath or getting ready for school, these concepts can become a part of your conversation. The child will understand these concepts without feeling that he is being taught.


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