Part1: Maths in 3 year old’s Life


Is your child 3 years old? Has he/she started going to school? May be, the teacher has already started introducing numbers. But, is the child ready to make himself comfortable with numbers?

Well, I don’t know how many of you will agree that it is really important to make the child ready for formal introduction of mathematics (numbers). Most of the students don’t develop any liking for mathematics because they were taught numbers without any preparation for learning the numbers.

Before the child is ready to learn numbers, make him familiar with pre – number concepts like: Big – Small, More – Less, Long – Short, Heavy – Light, Tall – Short and many more. Without understanding these concepts, there is no use of cramming the numbers. Along with this, help the child to arrange the things in series: like Smallest to biggest, lightest to heaviest etc.

When it comes to introducing maths to kids, it doesn’t really need a pencil and a paper at first. Before that let them become more comfortable with the concepts and ideas as discussed above

To be continued…


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  1. anshu · May 2

    It’s wonderful to see such a clear,concise post! Well said! keep sharing!

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