Can YOU really change the environment around you ?


Is it possible? The most expected answer is No! You cannot decide about your environment beforehand. You can’t choose your parents, family, place before coming to this world.Very true! But you can change your approach towards the people and other things around you. Observe them and think deeply about them.

Some of them always discourage you when you share any new idea with them. Most of them respond in this way, “Oh, this is not practical at all,” or “It can be possible if you are lucky” or “Don’t waste your energy on these things. Do what others are doing.”These people are always walking on a well beaten and “safe” path. No risk, no trouble, no fear at all. Now, it’s up to you, how seriously you take these people.

You cannot avoid them. It will not be possible to not to meet them or see them at all. If you succeed in this approach, you’ve already started changing your environment. Negative thinkers are present everywhere.

Even if you share your positive experience with them, they’ll find something negative in it. They don’t take responsibility as a challenge, they take it as a burden. They’ll advise you to avoid as much work as possible to lead a stress-free life. But the reality is that these people feel unhappy most of the time. They are not giving good food (good thoughts) to their mind.

You can change your environment by avoiding this type of people and meeting people of different views, profession and backgrounds. There is no need to change your village, city or country. Save yourself from “thought poisoning” experience and you’ll see that you are living in a much better environment.

Remember! Nobody i totally negative or positive. Try to find positive traits in each one present around you.


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  1. anshu · October 15

    You are right . Negativity surrounds us but Positivity is lurking on the horizon,move focused on the horizon,I like the thought that we can change the environment by focusing on the good in everyone. Well said!

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