Acharya Devo Bhava


(Teacher is God: Indian philosophy)

The other day, I was talking to class 5 students about their aim in life. “Is there anybody who wants to be a teacher?” Nobody raised hand except one girl. “Why?” I asked, “Why nobody wants to be a teacher?” and the reply was “Ma’am when students don’t perform well, parents blame the teachers.” I was astonished. I heard other teachers and some people saying this type of things, but never expected this from young students of class 5.

“Does it mean that no one should become a teacher?”. “No !” they answered. “How the children will study if this happens?”. I said, “If most of the children think in this way,I’m sure it is going to happen some day.”

There was a complete silence in the classroom. Some of them started looking at each other. Others sat quietly, looking confused. I asked them to think about it later and tell their views later. No wonder, my question still remains unanswered.

Why is this blame game going on? If a teacher has to do her duty honestly with 100% dedication, she has to do her homework before entering the class and after coming out of the class as well. This cannot happen if the whole society doesn’t cooperate with teachers. Is our society provide her proper atmosphere where she can work to build the future of ‘present society’?

Very few people have a little idea about the stress being faced by teachers every moment. When a student perform well, everyone says “Oh! wonderful child, how hard s/he has worked!” but if things go the other way round they’ll say “Nowadays, we don’t have good teachers. Students can’t be so bad after all!” Does it mean that soon good teachers are going to be extinct ?


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  1. anshu · May 19, 2016

    Great! This is food for thought.
    keep writing.

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