Make your children sensitive not touchey

A sensitive person thinks deeply about himself as well as others. Such a person always feels empathy for others and is always ready to help those who are in need. But if you are a touchy person, you are oversensitive. Touchy people are not emotionally strong. What about our children? Are we making them emotionally strong or touchy? If we try to fulfil all their demands without making them understand that nobody gets everything in life; how will they face challenges of life.

Most of the parents don’t know the difference between sensitive and touchy, If your child is never happy with anything, throws tantrums to seek attention and always blames others for her/his problems, you need to be extra careful. But this doesn’t mean that all the time you need to scold them. This can worsen the situation. Follow the example a doctor who is a well-wisher of his patient. The doctors have to be sensitive as well as firm otherwise, they perform the surgery if required?

Parents and teachers need to converse with the children time to time regarding life skills so that they become so strong emotionally to accept their mistakes without feeling, bad and also they don’t get easily hurt by criticism. Here, acceptance doesn’t mean that our emotions should be suppressed. Suppressed emotions are dangerous. They need to be tackled in a proper way, by being aware of them. Feelings and views need to be shared with family members, friends and people who are very close. Listen to your children, converse with them but be firm while taking decisions. Tell them the reason why is it necessary to do so.

I’m sure by following these simple tips we’ll help our children to learn to be sensitive about others but firm about themselves.


One comment

  1. anshu · April 8, 2016

    I think you have made a very profound statement. We usually get mixed up on sensitivity. The example of a doctor and patient is beautiful.
    Well said! keep writing!!


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