Help your children think positively


All the parents and teachers are trying their best to inculcate positive thinking among children. They talk to them about it, they ask them to read good books and give them the examples from the lives of great personalities who struggled and achieved success. Well, I think that before we do all these things, let’s have a look at our own personalities and the way we are living. Are we positive thinkers? How do we react when we return home after spending the whole day which was full of troubles and problems? Do we talk about only the bad things that happened or only those things which made us happy?

If we answer these questions honestly, we’ll come to know whether we are positive thinkers or negative? If we the grown-ups, parents or teachers don’t think positively, how can we encourage our children to think positively? I’m not saying that we should not share our problems at all. We can talk about them as if they are opportunities to get success.

If some extra work is assigned to you at a workplace, take it as a challenge. Share it with your family members in such a way as if you are getting a promotion! Tell everybody that you are getting a chance to prove that you can handle much more work than that which you were doing previously. Believe me, this type of conversation will leave a great impact on your children.

Sometimes you have to work with such people who are short-tempered or egoist. You can’t avoid them. Don’t criticise them at home. Talk about them as if you feel sympathy for them. Such people are really unfortunate because we don’t know the circumstances they have faced in their lives and that’s why their behaviour is not appropriate.

A child spends more than 70% of his time at home. If we create positive atmosphere at home by bringing small and continuous changes in our own behaviour and thought process, I’m sure our children will face their problems in better ways instead of feeling depressed.


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