Stress Management in classroom


There is no one in this world whose life is stress-free. But people who take the stress as a challenge, remain happy even when the circumstances are not favourable. Can we make our teaching learning process such that our students learn to face the challenges without getting stressed? We, the teachers can play a very important role in making the classroom stress free or at least, reduce it to some extent.

Teachers and students can have fun in the classrooms. Usually, it happens that in a class, before a teacher enters, students talk, smile and laugh. But as soon as the teacher enters, most of them look tense and their face expression changes. Can learning take place if they feel burdened and unhappy most of the time? If we have a little humour in our classrooms, definitely it will stimulate learning.

We can start it by laughing at ourselves. In this way, students will be able to experience fun without hurting others’ emotions. In recent times, teachers are attending so many training programmes and seminars to update themselves and to apply new methods of teaching so that holistic development of each child takes place. But very few people talk about how humour can be included during the lessons. If a teacher starts the lesson with a good joke every day, the student will wait for such teacher with a great enthusiasm.

Some physical activity can also be done for a few minutes so that they come out of their chairs and get rid of boredom. Some children are introvert and hesitate to come up with their problems. If they are allowed to sit in groups and discuss the problems with each other, it will be a great help for them.

No one can avoid stress. It will be there throughout life. But by changing the atmosphere of the classroom whenever possible, we can help our children to learn how to manage it.


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