Is change required in our education system?

Before independence, education system in India had a purpose to impart little knowledge to the young generation so that they are able to work as clerks, attendants etc. British rulers didn’t want their skills to develop otherwise they wouldn’t be able to rule over them.

It’s a pity that in spite of so many efforts to bring the changes, we are still following the same system where the students are memorizing the facts, writing in the exams and completing their “education”. Very little stress is laid on habit formation, developing the skills, inculcating values and many other things which help an individual to lead a meaningful life.

Why ??? If you talk to the teacher’s, they’ll tell you so many reasons like, “Our examination system is based on this type of system only”,”If we don’t don’t teach like this, how will a student be able to write the answers while writing their exams?”,      “Infrastructure of our school is inadequate”,”Teacher student ratio is inappropriate”, etc. etc. Very true !! Most of the government schools as well as private schools are facing these problems. But the main reason behind this “cramming based” system is that the teachers themselves have received this type of education only. Even the teacher training programs (B.Ed, M.Ed, NTT etc) are also imparting bookish knowledge only. Ask any teacher about how their B.Ed or other degrees helped them in their work, they’ll tell you that the actual learning took place when they started working. Not only in the profession of teaching, this is true in almost all the fields.

If a child enjoys art, music or sports and is passionate about it, his/her elders discourage them by saying “Why are you wasting your time in these things? you should study maths, science and other subjects which will help you to pass the exams and earn money in future”. Students are forced to do all those things which they don’t like and enjoy. After all this, we blame them for not performing their duties properly.

Dear youngsters, don’t wait for the change to happen, make it happen. Come forward and become a part of this revolution which is the need of the hour


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