Where is the bookish knowledge leading us to?

Have a look at our education system. So much content is there for reading, writing and learning. What about hands on experience?

A student of class 2 knows how many centimetres are there in a metre, how many metres are there in a kilometre etc. etc. ……… But if you ask, “What is the length of your shoe lace?” or “What is the length of your mother’s dupatta?”, most of the children wouldn’t be able to answer.

Reason? The child has never used a ruler or a measuring tape to measure anything. For teaching them addition, subtraction and other operations also, lot of written work is done but nobody gives them concrete things such as pebbles, twings to experience learning by doing. In other subjects also too much stress is laid on cramming rather than activities which involve observation, discussion, exploring the things in their surroundings.

No wonder, in higher classes also many students are not able to understand the concepts which they learned in lower classes. As a result the child starts losing interest.

When these things are discussed with teachers and parents, most of them agree that we need to change the system. But who is going to make this change? What stops us from bringing the changes? Why do we resist the change? Are we scared? Do we think that there will be some negative effect on children? But how well come to know unless we try?

If some teachers and schools come up with a different system, some of the other members of society don’t like it because they think that the children will lag behind in this world of cut throat competitions. But the fact is that this is not true.

Teachers and parents together have to step forward to bring this change and then only our children will become good citizens of society.


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