Indian Education System

Why do we need to be educated ???

To draw out best from our natural abilities, to develop our skills, to become a better person etc,etc ……

Now have a look at any 3 years old child who has just started going to school. She carries a bag with notebooks, books and other things. Look at her tender fingers. Can she eat her food on her own? In most cases, NO.

Can she dress up herself? Well, anyone can answer this question. If she’s not able to perform these tasks on her own, are we doing justice with her by making her write in the notebooks? The fingers that cannot break a piece of “chapati”, are forced to hold a pencil and WRITE.

what skill is being developed? When she is not able to write, her parents scolds her. She starts focusing on her inability rather than abilities. Do you think she’s going to become a responsible citizen when she grows up ? Is the purpose of education being fulfilled?

To be continued……


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